Lutherans Turn the Tables on (and for) All of Us

The afternoon of September 9, 2018 was warm and beautiful in Palmer Park, with views like this greeting visitors and volunteers:

Pikes Peak from near kinnikinic trailhead in Palmer Park on 09/09/18

On that lovely day, a group of volunteers from several Lutheran congregations in Colorado Springs met in the park to paint and refurbish as many picnic tables as possible.

Lutheran table painting crew

In what seemed to be a veritable tornado of activity, (not a big-wind-blowing kind of tornado), the Lutheran volunteers succeeded in applying brown paint to over forty (that’s right more than 40 – a new record!) picnic tables throughout the park.


Here’s just one example:

One picnic table, before the crew got to it.

A little bit later:

The same table during the event

And then, a very little time later:

The same table after being refurbished!


The volunteers painted single tables in various locations throughout the park.

painting a single table

The volunteers painted groups of tables in pavilions.

painting all the tables in a pavilion


The volunteers ended up with smiles on their faces and brown splotches on their hands.

brown handed Lutherans

Their motto:


How apt.

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