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Recent trail work

Two significant trail improvement and maintenance projects in Palmer Park are ongoing: Improving the Edna Mae Bennett Nature Trail Rerouting and maintaining the Brenner Trail Several other trails underwent regular, more “standard”, maintenance and cleanup. Edna Mae Bennett Nature Trail This is one of the most iconic and most visited trails in Palmer Park. Unfotunately, over the […]

Palmer Park cited as “Best of the Rockies”

The March 2017 edition of Elevation Outdoors magazine included Palmer Park in their section entitled “Best of the Rockies”. Our park was named the best urban park in the Rocky Mountain region. The cover of the publication featured a photograph taken in the park. From the article: ” Sitting on 740 acres, smack dab in […]

Bluebirds of happiness

Visitors to the park have been seeing more of these guys lately. One reason for this is that this year, 2016, the Guardians of Palmer Park, in particular our president, John Hawk, along with our good friends Will and Kate Crow, installed several brand new nesting boxes in the park. Some of them look like this: […]

Your dog in Palmer Park

Some dogs bring their people to Palmer Park every day. There are a few rules for dogs and their people to keep in mind for these visits to be pleasant for all concerned. Palmer Park has two places in which friendly, well-controlled pets are allowed to be off-leash. There is an enclosed area near the Maizeland […]