Your dog in Palmer Park

Tip in the park on a frosty day

Some dogs bring their people to Palmer Park every day.

There are a few rules for dogs and their people to keep in mind for these visits to be pleasant for all concerned.

Palmer Park has two places in which friendly, well-controlled pets are allowed to be off-leash.

  1. There is an enclosed area near the Maizeland Road entrance to the park, just beyond the Meadows (labelled “Dog Park” in the TRAIL MAP.) This is a great place for pets and people to socialize with each other.
  2. The Mesa Trail/Yucca Trail complex on top of one of the mesas in the park is about two and a half miles of open trails where many dogs take their people for walks. (This is the shaded area labelled “Dog Run Area” in the TRAIL MAP.)

In all other areas of the park, pets, by law, should be on leash.

Reminders of this are placed on places along the Mesa Trail where other trails intersect it.

Mesa Trail marker
Mesa Trail marker

The notices also remind people that they are responsible for picking up their dogs’ excrement. Dog waste laying open can be a serious public health issue. The Guardians of Palmer Park along with the city of Colorado Springs parks and recreation department and eagle scout Riley Coco collaborated in 2012 to provide pick-up stations along the mesa trail.

Dog waste pick-up station
Dog waste pick-up station

Palmer Park is a real jewel for all users, human and canine:

black lab on a picnic table
Jewel sitting pretty
please help keep it that way.




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2 thoughts on “Your dog in Palmer Park”

  1. We need more signs at the park as the off leash dogs on the on leash trails are out of control, or we need enforcement. The Templeton is not a place for off leash dogs, my 8 yr old whom suffered a concussion from being knocked down on the Templeton & hit her head on a boulder. Most people are saying they didn’t see any signs but a few have told me to F off & they do not care. I’m willing to help pay for signs as I’m tired of being knocked down, bitten by off leash dogs & no one is willing to help.

    1. Amy
      Thank you for your comment. Publicizing the problem of off-leash dogs in the park may help to lead to better enforcement of the rules by Colorado Springs police. Better signage might also help, but in our opinion, that would probably have only a very temporary effect. Existing signs in the park are frequent objects of vandalism.

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